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Answer These 4 Questions to Learn Your Construction Insurance Needs

Owning a successful construction business is gratifying. But every successful venture comes with inherent risks. Employee accidents, natural disasters, fires and third-party injury claims are just a few. That’s why it’s so important to protect your assets with a comprehensive insurance plan. But how do you know what kind of

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What Is Wrap-Up Insurance?

Wrap-up insurance is a type of construction insurance that covers all contractors and subcontractors on a large project under a single policy. There are two types of wrap-up insurance: owner controlled (OCIP) and contractor controlled (CCIP). Project owners and general contractors often purchase wrap-up coverage for projects costing $10 million

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Protect Your Business Against Delayed Claims with the Right Construction Insurance

Construction projects are complex and complicated operations, involving many different parts. As a contractor, you know that things go wrong all the time, many of them completely beyond your control. Missed deliveries, poor quality materials, bad weather and subcontractor default are just a few of the things that can spell

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