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N.Y. Scaffold Law Gets Support From Safety Group

Weighing in on an ongoing controversy, a nonprofit safety group in New York state has spoken out in favor of the N.Y. Scaffold Law. The group, the Western New York Council on Occupational Safety and Health, released a report on Jan. 25, 2016, reaffirming its support of the law, stating that it provides essential protections for construction employees and citing the high rate of OSHA  violations at construction sites.

Construction Workers On Scaffolding

Construction Workers On Scaffolding

What Is the N.Y. Scaffold Law?

Enacted in 1885, the N.Y.Scaffold law (Labor Law 240/241) holds employers, property owners and contractors liable for any gravity-related injury that occurs on the job. What this means is that, in almost all cases of fall-related injuries, employers are deemed to be legally at fault.

According to opponents of the Scaffold Law, employers are liable even if the injured employee failed to follow proper safety protocols or use safety equipment provided by the employer. Defenders of the law disagree, claiming that it doesn’t impose absolute liability, but, instead, holds employers and contractors accountable when they fail to provide appropriate safeguards to protect their employees.


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