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Elderly person with medical frailty hands

Assessing Frailty in Pre-op Patients

Frailty is a well-documented risk factor for post-operative disability. Thus, anesthesiologists and surgeons are encouraed to evaluate elderly patients pre-operatively using standardized frailty tests. Yet the reliability and usability of these tests vary considerably, making it difficult for providers to know which, if any, to use. Last year, researchers at

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doctor speaking to young mom and her child recording the conversation

Recording Physician-Patient Interactions: Is It Legal?

We live in a world where most of us use technology to document, record and save for posterity multiple aspects of our lives. Millions of videos of concerts, graduations, birthday parties and other social events are broadcast on social media every day. And the practice of video-taping interactions between the

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Drug manufacturing process, Subsys

Former Opiate Manufacturer Arrested in Subsys Kickback Scheme

The billionaire former CEO of the opiate manufacturing firm Insys Therapeutics, Inc., was arrested last month on charges of fraud, racketeering and violating federal anti-kickback laws. Jonathan Kapoor, 74, of Phoenix, Arizona, was charged with heading a nationwide conspiracy in which company executives bribed physicians to prescribe the company’s sublingual

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Doctors and nurses in surgery make mistakes that can be resolved with conflict resolution programs

Conflict Resolution Programs Prevent Malpractice Suits

A recent study shows that conflict resolution programs (CRPs) can be successful in preventing both litigation and monetary settlements for adverse medical events not involving negligence, reports MedPage Today The study was led by Michelle Mello, Ph.D., J.D., of Stanford University. Mello and her colleagues reported their findings in the

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doctor consulting with patient and wife regarding informed consent

Court Decision Has Far-Reaching Implications for Informed Consent

A recent court decision in Pennsylvania may have far-reaching implications for surgeons and other physicians who regularly obtain informed consent. Although the decision is binding only in Pennsylvania, it should serve as a warning for providers all across the United States. The case involved a woman with a nonmalignant brain

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A photo of a surgical team at work who may suffer from burnout

Physician Burnout May Improve with Mindfulness Training

The rate of burnout among healthcare providers has been increasing in recent years. According to the AMA Wire, the rate of burnout among U.S. physicians ranged from 40 to 60 percent in 2017. Emergency room physicians reported the highest burnout rate, followed by ob-gyns, family physicians and internists. The specialty

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