Workers Compensation

#MySafeSummerJob Helps Keep Young Workers Safe

#MySafeSummerJob helps keep teens like this young girl safe

It’s mid-May, and young people all over the country are starting to flock to various workplaces looking for summer jobs. Many have already secured employment, while others are still searching for the perfect gig. But since young people are typically more concerned about making money than they are about whether a workplace is safe, many […]

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Healthcare Workers Face Grave Safety Concerns

Hospital Emergency room where many healthcare workers are injured on the job

Healthcare workers, particularly nurses and nursing assistants, face an inordinate number of safety hazards at work. Chemical exposures, infectious diseases, needle sticks and physical injuries from lifting and turning patients are just a few of the ways in which healthcare workers are injured on the job. What’s more, in recent years, injuries due to physical […]

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Are Unpaid Volunteers Covered by Workers Compensation?

A group of volunteers in blue shirts

If you are the owner or operator of a nonprofit, your organization probably relies heavily on unpaid volunteers. According to the Corporation for National Community Service, about 25 percent of Americans volunteer an average of 33 hours of their time each year, which amounts to about 8 billion hours of service annually. That’s the equivalent […]

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What Factors Determine Workers Compensation Premiums?

image of amn insurance policy and a calculator to figure workers compensation premiums

Virtually all employers in every state except Texas are required to carry workers compensation insurance — the coverage acts as an essential protection for workers and employers alike. Still, workers compensation premiums can be costly and burdensome, especially for small business owners who don’t benefit from the same economies of scale as larger companies do. […]

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