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What Risks Do Physicians Who Recommend Medical Marijuana Face?

With medical marijuana now legal in 29 states and the District of Columbia, a growing number of physicians are being asked to recommend medical marijuana for patients who qualify. And while many physicians do so willingly, others are reluctant, in part due to malpractice and licensure concerns. Furthermore, since marijuana

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toxic cleanup can lead to risks for an environmental contractor

What Insurance Does An Environmental Contractor Need?

An environmental contractor involved in the abatement or removal of hazardous materials faces unique challenges, including employee exposures, third-party injuries and pollution-related property damage, to name just a few. What’s more, most commercial general liability policies don’t cover these types of incidents as they exclude coverage for pollution events. As

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The Carmoon Group, Ltd. Announces New Office in the Dominican Republic

New York-based insurance brokerage firm The Carmoon Group, Ltd. has just announced the opening of a new branch in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Opened August 1, 2017, the new location will offer commercial insurance and business lending solutions throughout the Caribbean, including the islands of Barbados, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Grenada,

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