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toxic cleanup can lead to risks for an environmental contractor

What Insurance Does An Environmental Contractor Need?

An environmental contractor involved in the abatement or removal of hazardous materials faces unique challenges, including employee exposures, third-party injuries and pollution-related property damage, to name just a few. What’s more, most commercial general liability policies don’t cover these types of incidents as they exclude coverage for pollution events. As

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The Carmoon Group, Ltd. Announces New Office in the Dominican Republic

New York-based insurance brokerage firm The Carmoon Group, Ltd. has just announced the opening of a new branch in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Opened August 1, 2017, the new location will offer commercial insurance and business lending solutions throughout the Caribbean, including the islands of Barbados, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Grenada,

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demolition project

Running a Demolition Project? Know Your Risks

Construction demolition is an extraordinarily high-risk business. Ensuring the safety of all involved, including on-site employees and people who live or work nearby, is a joint effort involving the client, the designer, the general contractor, construction managers and construction staff. Nevertheless, if you’re the general contractor on a demolition job,

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Starting a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Welcome back to our simple, step-by-step tutorial on how to open a medical marijuana dispensary. Last week we talked about planning, eligibility, licensing and cost. This week we we’ll discuss some ideas for finding the products you need and getting customers in the door. Find Your Products Finding products to

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medical marijuana user smoking from a vape pipe

Medical Marijuana — What Would-be Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Medical marijuana is a booming industry. As of 2017, 29 states and the District of Columbia have legalized the sale of cannabis products to people for whom it is medically necessary. Several others allow medical marijuana use under very limited circumstances. And as of November 2016, nine states had passed

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online business person working at laptop computer

What Insurance Does An Online Business Need?

So, you’ve finally done it! You’ve taken your dream of business ownership to the internet and started your career as an entrepreneur. Maybe you’re offering consulting services to other online businesses. Or perhaps you’re selling your own brand of pasta sauce online. Whatever your area of expertise, today’s digital marketplace

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