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Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes-A Business Owners Insurance Survival Guide

Most commercial property insurance policies provide some coverage in the event of disasters, such as fires, floods and hurricanes. However, business owners often underestimate their potential losses when buying property insurance or fail to update their coverage as their business grows. As a result, many companies suffer financial losses from

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How Much Liability Insurance Is Enough?

A question many business owners ask when they are thinking about purchasing commercial liability insurance, is, “How much coverage is enough?” For one Florida construction firm, the answer became clear after a tragic accident resulted in a lawsuit and a $3.6 million settlement. Please follow and like us:How Much Liability

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Think of Insurance as an Investment to Secure Contracts

When businesses, non-profits or government agencies make seemingly unreasonable requests regarding the insurance coverage of the contractors they hire it can be frustrating for independent contractors. The reality is, however, that these organizations make these requests because they want to protect themselves against potential loss. They generally do not have

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